Reveries & Other Fantasies

This body of images is set idealized architectural miniatures against southern vernacular architecture.
These images refer to ideas of place, belonging, refuge, escape and fantasy. These spaces are reveries tinged with nostalgia and wistfulness for what never was; illusions that seek and hope to become real.
They present the viewer with inhabited landscapes that are devoid of human figures but full of their traces. These fictional landscapes are anchored to a determined place, they dwell in a recognizable geography, a romanticized American South. 
At first, the images are plausible but something undermines that believability. The objects are easy to read, but something in the details challenges the plausibility of the image.  presence and absence.
In past bodies of my work this dichotomy between function and dysfunction was articulated through creating situations, images, or objects that question these themes and were articulated through subsequent investigations that varied in methods and materials. While the aesthetics of the new images produced varies, my current work is exploring the idea of presence and absence an interest in the tension between function/dysfunction they are linked by an interest in the tension between function/dysfunction.

Highlighted Projects

Black and white view of San Giovanni in Laterano through foliage with miniatures of columns and statues in the forefront.
Views from Italy
Beneath the Surface
Reveries & Other Fantasies

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