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Flat Packs

Rome Twice Removed

White Noise

50th anniversary of the Orangeburg Massacre

New Venus Series

Artist’s Statement

I seek to be a researcher, a technician of visual language on one hand and a “straight” photographer on the other.   At times I take photographs to document the world, at other times I create work to elicit the rediscovery of the ordinary. One embodiment of my practice as an artist is that of a documentarian with an agenda, I react to the world around me and try to make sense of it by breaking it up into small morsels within the frame of the viewfinder.  The second persona is that of the tinkerer who is fascinated with incongruence and dysfunction. When tackling these themes, I produce objects and images that puzzle the viewer and offer no immediate resolution to stimulate discussion and discovery. Yet these two souls are are tied together by my desire to see and understand what surrounds me. Learn More

Curatorial Statement

As a curator, you are faced with three main constituencies: the public, the artists, and the gallery. When serving such different masters means working constantly to balance different interests into an organic and coherent practice. Exhibitions thus produced should challenge the viewer, educate the public, represent what is produced by artists, and create a following that is engaged and willing to support you. Learn More

Exhibition View: Handle With Care – Senior Exhibition

Image by Zaire McPhearson Personal Portfolio Project 

Teaching Philosophy

A strong belief in the “growth mindset” underpins my whole teaching philosophy. Especially in the arts, we need to overcome the belief that talent is the principal element to success; talent often means that something is enjoyable and consequently practice our craft more consistently giving us an edge. Switching students from the fixed/talent mindset over to the growth mindset is the challenge that we need to embark on. Learn More 


Giordano Angeletti was born in Rome, Italy and now resides in Orangeburg, South Carolina where he is an Assistant Professor at South Carolina State University. His education and art practice spans four cultures and three continents. He grew up in the historical center of Rome surrounded by Baroque and Renaissance masterpieces which inspired his love of art and art history. Angeletti started training as a professional photographer at the age of fourteen and continued his studies in London, England. While in London he studied at Central Saint Martins where he combined his technical skills with a passion for theory and conceptual art, completing a B.A. in Critical Fine Art Practice. He went on to earn an M.F.A. in Photography and an M.A. in Art History at the Savannah College of Art and Design. Angeletti’s work has been shown in Italy, the UK, and the United States. Learn More

Paper Folds #1

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