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Giordano Angeletti

Miniature Series
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A Place in Between
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Other Photography Projects
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Other WOrk
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Latest Series: 8mm A-roll

Warning work in progress!

Looking at social media I cannot stop thinking about how curated, edited, and staged people’s lives look. These snippets are made to present a life for others to admire. As much as we expose ourselves through social media we do not show our “real” selves. This is not very far from the 8mm movies from the past. While 8mm movies were only intended for concumption witthin a home and by small audiences of invited guests these movies were planned, staged, and acted out just like today’s media.  

About Giordano

Giordano Angeletti was born in Rome, Italy in 1974. He was fortunate to grow up in the historical center of Rome, walking through the streets of the city surrounded by Baroque and Renaissance masterpieces he fell in love with art history and beautifully crafted masterpieces. Giordano started training as a professional photographer at the age of fourteen at a vocational school for cinematography and television. He then continued his studies in London, UK, where he earned a BA in Critical Fine Art Practice. While in London he studied at Central Saint Martins where he combined his technical skills with a passion for theory and conceptual art. Giordano was in London at the height of the yBa (young British artist) phenomena and his style in many ways is a reaction to the esthetics that were popular then. Giordano has completed an MFA in Photography and an MA in Art History at the Savannah College of Art and Design. Giordano works hard to create well-crafted images that are more than just pretty. He uses irony to tackle ideas and theories in the work he produces. His work has been shown in Italy, UK and more recently in the United States.

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Columbia, SC