Rome Twice Removed


As I felt homesick for the city I grew in I came to realize that even the strongest and most closely held memories of the city I was born in are now mediated, jumbled and transformed by the myriad of images I have seen of Rome. There are few memories I genuinely trust as my own and even those, I suspect, have become mediated through other peoples imagery when I try to express them. The images that became the raw material for the video were gathered using keywords such as Rome, vacation, monuments, and film titles in various combinations.
The images were then re-photographed off the screen of my laptop. The distortions seen in the video were created by forcing the digital back of the camera to misfire and then layered while editing; the artifacts thus created present a further distancing from what is presented to the viewer and the idea of the real. Similarly, the cacophony of layered sounds from Italian television is intended to disorient and push the viewer further away from comfortable viewing.

Giordano Angeletti